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Sunlight is the best disinfectant

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This phrase is often used in the political arena. It means that the best way to root out corruption is to expose everything, to be completely transparent. I was reminded of this phrase recently when meeting with a client and their AMS vendor. We were meeting to discuss how to improve relations ...

Are you deluging your members with email?

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Here's Tony Rosell, one of the brilliant minds at Marketing General, in a tweet about how associations are using email: https://twitter.com/TonyRossell/statuses/448878834280964096 4.3 emails per week? Some associations are sending 10(!) messages per week? If you're sending even 4.3 ...

The rise of the “Chief Data Officer”

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Here's an interesting article from IBM on the rise of the Chief Data Officer position within Fortune 500 companies. This position is becoming more important because of the massive growth of "Big Data." This is of special interest because I'm also seeing an interest in these types of positions in ...

“Are we the worst you’ve ever seen?”

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This is not an uncommon question for me to hear from my new clients. As we start digging into how they manage data, a lot of oddities and unusual practices are discovered (often along with a lot of GOOD practices!). Very often, as we dig into a particularly unusual process, someone on staff will ...

What’s a Director of Data Integrity? – Interview with Chris Dugmore

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Chris Dugmore is the Director, Data Integrity, for the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. When I first met Chris I was intrigued by his title, so I asked him to sit down with me for a short interview to talk about how his position came about and how other associations might have ...

New Article Posted – The Seven Deadly Sins of Database Management

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I’ve posted a new article on my website. In Christianity there is a commonly known list of “seven deadly sins,” which as Wikipedia explains, has been used to educate and instruct Christians concerning fallen humanity's tendency to sin. With that list in mind, I present the seven deadly ...

If you’re wondering, just ask

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As a sort of corollary to my recent post on seeking to understand, I marvel at how often people fail to ask clarifying questions, or seek to gain more information. Too often, whether it's in a sales meeting, a strategic planning meeting, or any other type of meeting, people receive and accept ...

Seek first to understand

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I sit in a lot of meetings with my clients. These could be meetings where I'm interviewing them, or they could be meetings with my client and a vendor, during a sales call or an implementation kick-off. One thing I've noticed over the years is that the most successful communicators in the room ...

Observations at AUDC – Part 4

AMS Vendor Users Conference No Comments »
And a final note on the AUDC. This 10th annual event is its last, in this iteration. With the acuisition of Avectra by Abila, the AUDC will be blended into Abila’s user conference, the next of which will be held roughly a year from now in Austin, Texas. It’s certainly been an interesting ...

Observations at AUDC – Part 3

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Over the course of 2 ½ days at the AUDC, more than 60 sessions were presented, ranging from how to use certain modules or tools within the netFORUM products, to case studies on how associations are leveraging the products. I attended several sessions focused, broadly, on business intelligence and ...
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